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Map of Ozaukee County with cities and towns

The collective efforts of donors and volunteers throughout Ozaukee County improve lives and strengthen communities. What’s raised here stays here, and is reinvested back into proven programs and strategies that help children, families, seniors and the community.  

Last year, we raised over $400,000 for and from Ozaukee County, distributing more than any other community organization to local nonprofits that provide services for our families and our neighbors

Because of your generosity, here are a few of our accomplishments that provided hope to our neighbors: 

  • 132 neighbors received rent assistance to avoid a housing crisis

  • Over 11,506 Ozaukee County residents benefitted from United Way funded programs in 2022

  • 156 children who experienced trauma and or violence in their homes found safety while building coping skills to support their healing journey

  • Over 110 adult learners received educational services to improve their academic skills and empowering them to pursue better jobs

Our goal in 2023 is to raise $500,000. 

This goal will allow us to respond to the growing needs in our communities and leverage strategic partnerships with innovative and diverse problem-solving skills to improve IMPACT. Programs such as the Community Service Navigator Program, which has already proven to be a successful collaboration that closes gaps in service delivery for individuals and families dealing with potential traumatic health, financial and personal crises.

Help us continue to navigate through these uncertain times and build back stronger communities with a brighter future for everyone.

Meet the Campaign Team - "Change Doesn't Happen... It Is Created Together"

United Way of Northern Ozaukee has a strong team of community leaders who are working together to engage people across Ozaukee County who want to make a difference. 
Read their bios below

Marty Becker and Barb DickmanMarty Becker & Barb Dickmann

This year’s Honorary Co-Chairs are Barb Dickmann and Marty Becker. Barb Dickmann was president of the Village of Saukville from 2003-23 and is a longtime resident of Saukville. She is the owner and potter for her company, “All Fired Up."  She was a past president of Women’s Focus and United Way of Northern Ozaukee. Barb is still very active in her community as a member of the Port Washington-Saukville Rotary Club and is currently teaching water aerobics through the Feith Family Ozaukee YMCA.

“My heart is in community service," Barb said. "I try to keep an open mind and ask God to direct my time. As a result, I was drawn to the passion with which the United Way of Northern Ozaukee does its amazing work. Their thoughtful fundraising and multi-faceted approach to maximizing funds collected and volunteer time offered continues to provide solutions to those who need to overcome obstacles and be empowered to succeed. In addition, United Way of Northern Ozaukee continues to expand its offerings in an effort to be ahead of any regional needs increase.”

Marty Becker has been a resident of Ozaukee County for over 45 years. During that time, he served the community as a pharmacist and mayor of Port Washington. He also has served on the YMCA board and as Port Washington Police and Fire Commissioner. In semi-retirement, he is still working limited hours as a pharmacist, but is also looking to give back more to his community.

Marty was aware of United Way of Northern Ozaukee and has seen how their support for their partner agencies has translated into sustainable support for people in our county with acute and chronic needs.

“By helping United Way to become more sustainable, I feel I’m helping the whole community,” Marty said.

Dr. Doug McManus

Dr. Doug McManus is United Way of Northern Ozaukee's Vice President of Campaign and the former Chief Medical Officer of Advocate Aurora’s Central Region. Dr. McManus serves on several boards, including Albrecht Free Clinic and Successful Aging, and he is a founding board member of Stars and Stripes Honor Flight.

"I’ve practiced medicine in Ozaukee County for over 40 years. During that time, I have seen the great disparity in wealth in our county. The clear majority have plenty, but there is a significant group of our citizens who struggle every day to feed, clothe and house their family. Many have to choose between food and medicine, to pay the rent or to pay for health care. United Way supports the safety net that allows for our working poor to survive in our county. It is an efficient way to give, and the giving stays local to solve the problems in our own backyard. As a board member, I hope to be able to help the United Way to become even more efficient and effective."

Jim Asplin

Jim Asplin

Jim Asplin and his wife, Christine, live in Port Washington. Jim has served his community as a Financial Advisor for 23 years and is an owner and financial advisor at Newport Partners Wealth Management. Jim and Christine's outside activities frequently involve their four grandchildren, son and daughter, camping, golf and destinations with palm trees.

Jim is a past president and 23-year member of the Port Washington – Saukville Rotary club. He's also a past board member for Portal Industries and the girls basketball coach for St. Joseph Parish school. Jim was a member of the inaugural UWNO Campaign Committee.

“As an organization you can make a difference. Banding together with our local nonprofit agencies, we can influence change in the lives of our neighbors. What we share through UWNO will come back to us all tenfold in some area of our lives and communities.”

Bill Moren

Bill Moren is a retired financial advisor. He is a member of Board of Directors for the Cedarburg Cultural Center and a member of Love Our Great Lakes Planning Group.

Robert Fechner

Robert Fechner is president and managing partner of Kuttner North America and a member of the Port Washington – Saukville Rotary Club.

Past Campaign Cabinet

2018 Inaugural Campaign Cabinet Committee

Campaign Cabinet Committee
We proudly recognize and celebrate UWNO’s hand raisers and game changers that served on our inaugural campaign cabinet. We are extremely grateful for their big heart and enthusiasm for being a champion and changing lives in our community. This team of exemplary leaders laid the groundwork for those that now take up the torch for those in need.

Jim Asplin, Newport Wealth Management
Deb Fedel, Seek Careers and Staffing
Joe Graf, Former President of the Volunteer Center of Ozaukee
Bill Henkle, Former Professional Educator
Bob Henkle, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren S.C
Karl Hertz, Former Professional Educator
Carol Hertz, Former Professional Educator
Todd Luft, Associated Bank

Past Campaign Cabinet Members

Nelson Family (Scott, Nicole, Brynn, Drue and Violet), Port Washington
Jim Asplin, Newport Partners Wealth Management
Brian Barber, Lake Financial Group
Grace & Marc Eernisse- Eernisse Funeral Homes
Pat Foy, former executive at FIS and Fiserv
Joe Graf, Community Volunteer
Bob Henkle, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren S.C. Law Firm
Karl Hertz, Former Superintendent for Mequon - Thiensville School District
Carol Hertz, Former Cedarburg Curriculum Director
Maureen Squire, Community Volunteer